Season 1 of Lab Rats: Elite Force (Chase McFly) premiered March 2nd, 2016. The first episode is The Last Might and the season finale is Battle of the Heroes, Part 2.


Following Mighty Med's destruction, Kaz, Oliver, and Skylar find themselves separated from their superhero friends. They contact Donald Davenport, who has them team up with Bree and Chase to form a powerful Elite Force combining bionic heroes and superheroes in order to stop crime and keep the world safe at all costs. However, a nefarious gang from Bree and Chase's past teams up with the team's most powerful foe, who threatens to destroy the team before they accomplish their ultimate goal.


  1. The Last Might
  2. Talking Through Terror
  3. Elite ANT Force
  4. Desperately Seeking Skylar, Part 1
  5. Desperately Seeking Skylar, Part 2
  6. Superhero School
  7. Return of the Rebellion
  8. Douglas' Laughable Lie
  9. Triple-Trouble Date
  10. Calderan Crisis
  11. Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?
  12. I'm A Monkey's Sister
  13. Family Reunion
  14. Bionic Olympics
  15. Superheroes Are Real!
  16. Familiar Friends
  17. The Oil Spill
  18. Evil Kaz
  19. How To Successfully Bond Without Really Trying
  20. Blast from the Past
  21. Will The Real Chase Davenport Please Stand Up?
  22. Spike Gets Spooked
  23. And Then There Were Five
  24. High Ropes
  25. Opposite Day
  26. Super Birthday Surprise
  27. Battle of the Heroes, Part 1
  28. Battle of the Heroes, Part 2